Creating a book on KDP

  1. Starting with KDP
  2. KDP Part 2
  3. KDP Part 3
  4. KDP Part 4
  5. KDP Part 5
  6. KDP part 6
  7. KDP Book Cover ( I don’t recommend Canva ) I recommend hiring someone who I have used for Years
    A book Cover will be between $75-$100 but they will also put your ISBN on there. Cheap doesn’t mean quality.  Usually they charge $250-$300. My Price is $75.00  Message me directly at or Instagram barditoto. They book up fast.

Creating a Physical Product to Sell ( Tshirts or Other Physical Products)

8. Selling Your Creations online
Note I do not recommend learning to build a website on your own and DO NOT USE WIX as it is not google indexed or Search engine Optimization friendly. You can use Lead Pages to build a ONE Page capture page or sales page with a payment button.  To get a trial with LEAD PAGES which is a must have Click Here.
If you want a Webpage done, a One Page WordPress site starts at $299 a 5 page website starts at $697.00 and up. 

9. Selling Your Creations on Etsy
10. Sell Your Products on Gumroad
11. Create and Sell Products on Demand using Printful
12. Create and Sell Products on Redbubble
13. Create and sell Products on TeeSpring
14. Create and Sell Products on Amazon
15. Connect Your Physical Products to Etsy and Gumroad
16. Connect Your Physical Product to Your Shopping Cart