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Lifetime Membership To Facebook Niche Domination 4.0: (Normally sells for $497)



  • Module 1:  New Look of Facebook
  • Module 2:  Secret to Posting on Facebook
  • Module 3:  The Secret to the Heart of Facebook for Business :  
  • Module 4: “Going after a Niche” Out of the Box Strategies Nobody is utilizing
  • Module 5:  Continuation from Module 4 Part 2
  • Module 6:  Secret to Getting on Radio, TV and other Media Fast: 
  • Module 7:  Where People Go on Facebook
  • Module 8:  Hashtags : The Secret to Using Hashtags on FB : Instant Results
  • Module 9: How to Use Facebook Ads without Any Cost
  • Module 10:  The Back Door Method: Engagement on Facebook
  • Module 11: Social Media Engagement and Etiquette
  • Module 12:  Using Google Alerts on Facebook with Benefits
  • Module 13:  How To Hyper-Target Facebook Groups
  • Module 14: Positioning Yourself as an Expert/Leader in your Business on Facebook
  • Module 15:  Secret Niche of Followers Part 1 – 
  • Module 16:  Secret Niche of Followers Part 2 –
  • Module 17:  “Niche” Networking on Facebook  – Big $ Saver
  • Module 18:   Going After a Secret Niche of Businesses 
  • Module 19:  Million Dollar Forgotten Niches
  • Module 20:  Network Marketers : This is for EVERYONE
  • BONUS #1: Social Media Etiquette
  • BONUS #2: Stop Vomiting Using Facebook
  • BONUS #3: Instant Income Using this Website as an Expert 


Bonus #1: Up To 3 Minute Custom Designed Whiteboard Animation Video: (Normally sells for $997) BRAND YOURSELF

**Video ONLY: 297**

*Delivered in 72 hours or less

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 Bonus #2: Lifetime Membership to The FB Social Media Profit System: (Normally sells for $897)


  • Module 0: 101 Facebook Tips (MP.4)
  • Module 1:Setting Yourself Up For Success
  • Module 2: Facebook Lead Generation and List Building
  • Module 3: Engaging and Bonding With Your Audience
  • Module 4: The Facebook Launch Formula
  • Module 5: JV & Affiliate  Recruiting  On Facebook Revealed
  • Module 6: Facebook Groups On Steroids
  • BONUS #1: Facebook Launch Formula Launch Checklist
  • BONUS #2: Rapid Review System Mindmaps





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